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Introducing the

Revolutionary Coworking Board

Executive Board
Hanah Ehrenreich, President (milspo)
Michael Barbera, Vice-President (vet)
Dalton Carter, Secretary (vet)
Avalon Taylor (milspo)
Ingrid Marielos Marthy (milspo)
Adam Van Treuren (active duty)
Crystal Wambeke-Barbera (milspo)
Helen Welch (milspo)
Community Manager
Mario Benavente 
Mario is a Fayetteville native, E.E. Smith High alumnus, and UNC Chapel Hill graduate, who maintains a passionate focus towards enhancing member experience with a decade-long history in hospitality and academia guiding his service as Community Manager for the space.
Tech Help
Zachary Bales
Zach is a veteran, a full-time student at FTCC, and a network security buff. He also serves as the Recycling Coordinator for the space.