1 Million Cups of coffee can launch a...

The Kauffman Funds had a brainstorm. What if the age old story of how the idea for a brand new business came to a soon-to-be-entrepreneur over a casual cup of coffee with a colleague was not just luck, but was actually a formula for startup success? How many businesses, they wondered, could be launched over One MILLION Cups of coffee?

You can insert a Dr. Evil laugh there. I always do.

1 Million Cups Fayetteville is hosted in the Fayetteville Technical Community College, General Classroom Building, at 2856 Fort Bragg Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28303

Every Wednesday from 9AM-10AM the coffee is brewing and the business presentations are fierce.

Want to learn more about coworking? Come see Revolutionary Coworking present at 1 Million Cups at 9AM 1 February 2017.

1 Million Cups Fayetteville is hosted by FTCC

Click on the picture above to find out more!

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