Military Spouse of the YEAR 2018! Your VOTE counts for Ingrid & Hanah!

Revolutionary Coworking is pleased as punch to announce (HOOAH) that two of our Board members have received nominations for the Military Spouse of the Year in 2018!

Revolutionary Coworking nominees for military spouse of the year

Now it's up to you! Cast your vote daily for one of these amazing women who contribute so much to our community of military spouses, veteran entrepreneurs and active duty soldiers!

Vote here through this link every day until Friday, February 9, 2018


Meet Ingrid and Hanah!

About the nominee: Hi There! My name is Ingrid. I currently live in Fayetteville, NC with my best friend and husband Stephen. I work at a local non-profit as a Business Consultant. We are both originally from the Northeast. We met in Honolulu, HI where I was finishing up my MBA, and his first duty station.

Hobbies: I absolutely love to travel, connect with other people, try new foods. Believe it or not even extroverts need rest, when I am not doing anything mentioned above you can find me with a good book in my hand.

Interesting Facts: I have been to Mali Africa to help build a school house. I have taken more languages than your average person, Latin, Italian, French, and I already speak Spanish fluently.

What is something you’ve learned from being a military spouse? My biggest lesson has been that it is not as simple as it seems. I consider myself an adaptable person but even with that being said it is still really difficult to share your life with the military. There are a lot of lonely nights and so many factors often beyond your control. Patience has also been a huge lesson for me.

In your opinion, what is one of the most important issues facing military families? There are so many issues facing today's military families but if I have to pick one it will be military spouse unemployment and underemployment. About 90% of military spouses are facing this issue today. It creates a huge financial strain on our military families.

What is one of the best aspects of being in a military family? One of the best aspects of being a military family is the community built around you. You are among some of the most resilient families you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. This community becomes your family away from home. In 2016 my husband suffered a severe jump injury. From hospital visits to dinner for the three weeks my husband was recovering we never felt alone.

What is one thing you want to accomplish with the Military Spouse of the Year title? My hope is to empower military spouses achieve their professional goals. Often, our professional goals are put to the side to support our spouses. By connecting military spouses to the local and military community they may be able to achieve some goals they did not think were possible before.


About the nominee: Hanah has a deep commitment to public service. She became a candidate for City Council District 5 in Fayetteville, NC, in 2017 and came in third in the non-partisan primary in October. She has also served as a Mayoral appointee to the City of Fayetteville Stormwater Advisory Board. She was one of Fayetteville Observer’s 40 Under 40 Awardees for Young Professional Leadership in 2017. Hanah is a member of Fayetteville Young Professionals and InGear Career; two organizations that help young military spouses connect and find great careers. She earned a MSc in political economy from the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London, and a BA from Smith College with Honors. Executive Director of Sustainable Sandhills since 2014, Hanah embraces the environmental mission that grew out of a Fort Bragg regional sustainability initiative supporting sustainable growth, regional planning, and conservation. She works to protect clean drinking water, promote renewable energy projects that support the military, and preserve excellent air quality. She is committed to building a just society, enjoys riding her bicycle with her family and communities that create a healthier lifestyle.

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking from scratch for friends, volunteering at Congregation Beth Israel, and travel.

Interesting Facts: Hanah met Adam Van Treuren in 2011 at a Halloween party. Adam was raised in Fayetteville and was stationed back home at Fort Bragg after he enlisted. He was dressed as an Occupy Wall Street protester; she as the 1%. They are committed to marriage equality and democracy in the house. In 2015, an adorable and feisty daughter entered their lives.

What is something you’ve learned from being a military spouse? As someone who believes strongly in military community, spouses must look out for each other, creating connections, acknowledging our challenges and emphasizing our strengths.

In your opinion, what is one of the most important issues facing military families? Keeping a diverse workforce and growing young professional employment is a challenge in a military community. Hanah and Adam and eight other innovators saw the need for workspace for entrepreneurs and small businesses and launched Revolutionary Coworking, a non-profit virtual office space, in March. They have brought 30 companies and over 95 independent workers into downtown Fayetteville, most of whom are either veteran entrepreneurs, milspouses or military affiliated.

What is one of the best aspects of being in a military family? The best aspects of military family life is building community wherever we land. The Revolutionary Coworking Board originally included three married couples (two veterans, one active duty) and the spouses of three other Board members volunteered. We are incredibly strong when we rely on our spouses and our partners and work together to achieve our community goals. Two other nominees for the Military Spouse of the Year have become our military family; Katy Stevick has been a milspreneur mentor and provided company while Adam was deployed and my daughter was only 4 months old, and Ingrid Marielos Marthy joined in this mad scheme to help fellow military spouses and together we founded a work space that empowered us and our fellow military spouses. Two other battle buddies that I met when I first moved to Fort Bragg were the inspiration for the coworking space; they are my touchstone in hard times and my cheerleaders in the best of times.

What is one thing you want to accomplish with the Military Spouse of the Year title? My dream is to use the title to show that military spouses are each other's most valuable mentors, and that when we develop professional goals that include our military members, we grow stronger families, brighter careers, and a positive, empowering military community.

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